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Baseball players; batter on left; pitcher on right

This 3-month long pre-season training program is a highly competitive and serious developmental group for the dedicated baseball player. We started this 15 years ago and it has evolved into our most popular training program for our high school student athletes. The program is 12 weeks long beginning in November or December depending on what level you will be playing in school, and ending just days before you start your indoor try-outs. Our goal is not only to prepare you for the upcoming season but to develop your skills and talents so you can continue your career at the collegiate level. To accomplish this goal, the program has been designed to be the most realistic game situational learning experience you can have without being in a game itself.

The Program

To be involved in this group you first need to decide which part of the program you are going to enroll in, the Hitting Program or the Pitching Program.

The Hitting Program has steadily evolved over the past years into a tough mental and physical workout each and every week of the program. Each session is 1 1/2 hours per week. The instructors for your day and time will be the primary pitchers during the program. During the first four weeks of the program, the athletes will be working on basic fundamentals including mechanics, timing, off-speed pitches, location hitting and being comfortable and confident in the batter’s box. Video analysis will help in the progress of each individual hitter every other week throughout the program starting the second week.

The fifth week will begin the “live situations” where the hitters will be taking at bats by facing pitchers off of pitching mounds. This is also the time of the program where we step up the level of the mental side of being in the batter’ s box. The game situations that will be introduced into these “live at bats” will include bunting, hit and runs, different pitch counts, hitting behind runners and more. Every at bat will mean something to the hitter during these “challenge weeks”.

By the time your “tryouts” roll around in March you will have had hundreds of at-bats in game situations and be well beyond “mid-season” form. Each session time will have a maximum of 12 students.

The Pitching Program continues its evolution this year. We will be concentrating on the individual development of each athlete by creating a new format for the pitchers. For 12 weeks they will have their Bull Pen Session times (1 hour per week) and starting week in week 6, they will throw their game innings (2-4) against hitters on their Game Session days which will be scheduled individually with each pitcher.

The twice-a-week format starting with week 6 will allow our athletes to develop their strengths and understand their weakness that will be worked in their next Bull Pen Session. With the increase in the amount of space comes the availability to add more aspects to the program which will aid in your development as a pitcher. During your Bull Pen Sessions times of the program, you will spend a lot of time running, stretching, long tossing and working on your mechanics with a carefully designed pitch count. Learning and developing a new pitch or pitches will begin immediately in this program.

Video analysis will help aid you in the understanding of your mechanics and how they dictate your pitch location, movement, and consistency. You will be run through drills designed to prepare you for game situations such as bunt coverage, comebackers, covering first, pickoffs, rundowns and more. Your sessions will end a week before your “tryouts” so you will be ready physically and mentally for practice.


Due to the popularity of this program, many players get their teammates involved and form their own groups. The cost of the program for a hitter or pitcher will be $420. The cost of the program for a student who wants to participate in both hitting and pitching will be $750.

Every session of the program is for 12 weeks. If you have teammates and friends who are serious about working out this winter, give us a call or send an e-mail to reserve your spot(s) as soon as you decide which day(s) is best for you. This is a highly competitive and serious pre-season training program for the dedicated baseball player.

How to reserve your spot(s):

* Tuition balance will be due on the first day of your program.